Upper Level Character Generator

Create a single upper-level DCC character (or an army of them!) in seconds. There are many options available, but for standard DCC characters, just select a level and a class, and click on the "Create Character" button.
>> Find out more about the various occupation lists
>> Find out more about the various dice rolling methods
(Comma-separated scores for up to first 4 characters: i.e.
10,11,9,12,8,13 for a single character or 24 scores for 4 characters)
>> Find out more about adding your own ability scores
>> Find out more about minimum and maximum ability totals
(Note: Selecting min and max options other than 'Any' will revert the dice method to 3d6)
>> Find out more about upper-level hit point options
>> Find out more about the various Lucky Sign options

Randomize all character traits


Re-roll low rolls for the two most important stats for each class
Don't determine extra languages
Non-humans always get racial language regardless of Int score
No armor speed penalty for dwarves
Hide occupation weapon
No funds
No trade goods
No equipment
Blank alignment box
Blank PDF to fill in by hand

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(Download blank form-fillable version of character sheet)

What's New

  • "NO" options (no trade goods, no funds, etc) now honored in plain text characters (thanks Mark!)
  • Moved class out of randomize all, so you can now have 20 thieves with random character traits!
  • Added the 1648: DCC Survival Horror in Fantasy Europe occupation lists by Hardy Lebel
  • You can now choose to keep the alignment line blank for alternate alignment systems. (Though you'll still need to choose an alignment for thief bonuses)
  • You can now set minimum and maximum bonuses for each sheet to help 'level out' characters to distribute for con play, etc.
  • Some formatting changes. Moved the randomize character traits option out of the styles dropdown into its own check box
  • Added the ability to create characters with a "percentage of max" hit points, so you can create a consistent pool of characters for con play.
  • Updated 'Optional Roll By Hand' so that the stats can now go up to 20, and down to 1 if the "2d10 Jack's Deformed" dice method is selected. (Thanks Simon for pointing this out).
  • Added occupations for Souls for the Ocean Dark!
  • Added the option to choose whether the two most important stats for each class are re-rolled if too low. (Below 11 for the most important stat, and below 8 for the second most important. In the generator a warrior's important stats are strength and agility, a dwarf's are strength and stamina, etc. This guards against creating wizards with 4 intelligences who would have been unlikely to survive to upper levels... but it's up to you!)
  • Fixed bug in racial languages, and added option to always give non-humans their racial languages despite low intelligence
  • Added options to hide starting funds, trade goods, and equipment
  • Added option to ignore armor speed penalties for Dwarves, which was formerly the default. Dwarves are born to march at speed in heavy armor! Speed 10... bah! But now you have the option to choose. :)
  • Fixed a few bugs: thanks JDG for pointing them out. (And other generator regulars, if you see something that seems wrong, let me know: you are my eyes and ears).
  • Added Doomed Pilgrims occupation list
  • Can now add a shield! (Note: You'll need to remove effects of shield by hand if wielding a two-handed weapon)
  • Added ability to use player rolled ability scores for up to 4 characters
  • Massive Update! Integrated Goodman Games upper level sheets for all classes! (To select the older style, just choose 'Classic Style' in the style dropdown). Plenty of bug fixes as well. (Of course, there's a good chance I've introduced a few new gremlins, so let me know if you notice anything strange).
  • Added 'Average Joe' dice-rolling method for very average characters!
  • Added Keshite and Najambi occupations from Tales from the Fallen Empire
  • Added "Super Ray of Light" option to Lucky Signs
  • Added 'None' option to weapon selection
  • Added 'Hide Occupation Weapon' checkbox to generator to suppress showing basic weapon
  • Added 'Create Blank Sheet' option to create a static upper level character sheet
  • Full random language support using the Appendix L language table from the DCC Rulebook
  • Added Lucky Sign options to upper level generator
  • Added the Lay On Hands table to cleric character sheets
  • Added funky new dice methods based on Terry Olson's article in this year's Goodman Games GenCon Program Guide!
  • Multiple Sheet PDF's! Create up to 50 characters in one PDF.
  • For a short time while the inevitable bugs are worked out on the new version, you can still access the previous generator.
  • You can now choose to have the character generated in plain text format.
  • You can also choose to have the generator randomize everything but the level selected, and if you are using a plain text option, create up to 50 random characters of that level!

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