The Crawler's Companion

The Crawler’s Companion is a free, funky dice-rolling, rules-referencing, chart-crushing Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG utility for the web. (With legacy versionf for iOS and Android).
Ennie 2013 Silver


The best method to learn about the Crawler and its features is to view a series of video tutorials that covers all the app's functionality. Crawler Video Tutorials (These will be updated soon for the new HTML version of the Crawler)

Features include:

Accessing the Crawler 

The app store version of the Crawler is being replaced by a new HTML version. I’m still working on polishing the new version of the app, getting the battle management features in place, while also working to get all the tutorial help in place discussing the differences between the classic version of the Crawler and the new version… but since folks are seeing more and more issues with the older version, I’ve decided to open up access to the HTML version of the Crawler.

The new version does have much more extensive built in help if you have questions. I've also whipped up a quick video discussing the changes in the app.

If your device has a ‘save to desktop’ feature that adds an icon to your device, I suggest doing so, as then the HTML version will act in basically every way as a native app. You can even use the app when you’re offline (excepting the generators which now access the web versions). Of course, expect a few bugs along the way, but in general things should be pretty stable.

If you’re on a slow connection, you may need to hit refresh on the first load to get everything loaded up correctly, but from that point on you should be fine. (Especially if you can ‘save to desktop’, as the files are then cached on your device, increasing speed and reliability).

Tutorial videos will eventually arrive, but for now, kick the tires, and see where the Crawler’s Companion is heading. :)

Why an HTML Version?

Increasingly, the iOS and Google Play app stores have grown less friendly to small/free/indy developers, with little support and ever-shifting requirements. Additionally, the tool used to build the legacy version of the Crawler is no longer supported. Since I'm now unable to update the old version, new requirements on the Google Play store means it will be removed this summer, and unfixable bugs will slowly accumulate on all devices as operatong systems change. Of course, you can always access the sideload version listed below, which will remain available until phones no longer run it! But the future of the Crawler's Companion is the HTML version, which incorporates all the functionality of the old version, and more! (And will be far, far earier to update and maintain!)

Mobile and Desktop Versions

Legacy Versions

For various reasons, the Crawler needs to be built to meet the needs of the app stores... often making it incompatible with some older devices. These Android apk files represent versions that are no longer maintained, but which can be sideloaded as a 'last chance' if none of the newer versions work on your device.

Legacy Desktop Versions
Note: These desktop version will be replaced by the upcoming HTML version, which works fantastically inside your browser on the desktop!

The desktop versions require Adobe Air for the installer to work. (
Both Windows and MacOS will complain that the app is unsigned, so you'll need to jump through a couple minor hoops to get it running, depending on OS. (Do a search about installing unsigned apps on your OS if you have problems). Both run great however, and make it possible to enjoy the Crawler on the desktop now that the web version has been retired. (I've created versions in various sizes to meet different screen sizes: small: 750x600 pixels, medium: 1000x800 pixels, and large: 1500x1200 pixels).