Mutant Crawl Classics 0-Level Party Generator

Create dozens of characters in seconds! There are many options, but for standard MCC 0-level characters, you don't need to change a thing: just click on the "Bring Forth the Radiated!" button.
No Pure Strain Humans
No Plantients
No Manimals
No Mutants
>> Find out more about the various dice rolling methods
(Comma-separated scores for up to first 4 characters: i.e.
10,11,9,12,8,13 for a single character or 24 scores for 4 characters)
>> Find out more about adding your own ability scores
>> Find out more about minimum and maximum ability totals
(Note: Selecting min and max options other than 'Any' will revert the dice method to 3d6)
>> Find out more about the various Lucky Sign options

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What's New/Change Log

  • You can now set minimum and maximum bonuses for each sheet to help 'level out' characters to distribute for con play, etc.
  • Updated 'Optional Roll By Hand' so that the stats can now go up to 20, and down to 1 if the "2d10 Jack's Deformed" dice method is selected. (Thanks Simon for pointing this out).
  • Added ability to use player rolled ability scores for up to 4 characters
  • Upped JSON and CSV options from 100 to 500 characters
  • Fixed a number of small issues
  • Added CSV and JSON options to the Style/Format dropdown
  • Added ability to filter out certain genotypes
  • Updated all 'bitmap' text to clearer dynamic font for small text
  • Enjoy the new MCC generator! There is lots that's brand new, so let me know if you notice anything strange.

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