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Create dozens of characters in seconds! There are many options available, but for standard DCC 0-level characters, you don't need to change a thing: just click on the "Bring Out Your Dead" button.
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Blank PDF to fill by hand

Non-humans always get racial language regardless of Int score

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What's New/Change Log

  • 1920's style occupation list for classic otherworldy horror campaigns (Thanks Mike!)
  • "NO" options (no trade goods, no funds, etc) now honored in plain text characters (thanks Mark!)
  • Added the 1648: DCC Survival Horror in Fantasy Europe occupation lists by Hardy Lebel
  • Added the option to have a blank box for alternate alignment systems
  • Added the Fantasy Mall DCC Community Occupation List from Michael Schmidt
  • Added stone age occupations from Daniel Bishop's The Tribe of Ogg!
  • Added the occupation list for A Strange Night at the Pint and Pony adventure
  • You can now set minimum and maximum bonuses for each sheet to help 'level out' characters to distribute for con play, etc.
  • Updated 'Optional Roll By Hand' so that the stats can now go up to 20, and down to 1 if the "2d10 Jack's Deformed" dice method is selected. (Thanks Simon for pointing this out).
  • If an occupation has a trade good named 'Shield', (currently in the rulebook list only the Soldier does), the generator now applies a +1 AC bonus. Thanks Thomas for pointing this out!
  • Added occupations for Souls for the Ocean Dark!
  • Fixed bug in racial languages, and added option to always give non-humans their racial languages despite low intelligence
  • Added options to hide starting funds, trade goods, and equipment
  • Added "Goodman with Fear" style which adds a 'fear' box to the Goodman style sheet for madness style campaigns
  • Added Doomed Pilgrims occupation list
  • Added CyberSprawl occupations!
  • Added Dark Trails options to generator!
  • Added Trailer Park Shark Attack! occupation list
  • Added ability to use player rolled ability scores for up to 4 characters
  • Added options to start with zero funds and not roll up extra languages
  • Added the very cool Goodman Games 4-Up sheet to the styles
  • Upped the CSV and JSON options from 100 to 500 characters
  • Added Star Crawl occuptions to generator
  • Added ability to filter out Elves, Dwarves, or Halflings
  • Added 'Average Joe' dice-rolling method for very average characters!
  • Added a new video about adding occupation lists to the generator to the YouTube channel
  • Added a JSON format export option in the styles
  • Created a video explaining the various features of the Generator!
  • Added Crawling Under a Broken Moon: Umerican occupations and equipment
  • Added Keshite and Najambi occupations from Tales from the Fallen Empire
  • Added "Super Ray of Light" option to Lucky Signs
  • Full random language support using the Appendix L language table from the DCC Rulebook
  • Added CSV Spreadsheet format to styles (Create 100 characters at a time that can be opened in Excel, processed by a script, etc.)
  • Added Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure from Mike Evans to the occupations dropdown
  • Added goblin occupations from Daniel Bishop's delightful Goblins of the Faerie Wood from Purple Duck Games
  • Added occupations for Edgar Johnson's Stranger Crawl Classics to the occupations dropdown.
  • Added occupations for Death Slaves of Eternity to the occupations dropdown.
  • Added occupations for Empire of the Petal Throne to the occupations dropdown.
  • Added the occupations from Beyond the Silver Scream to the occupations dropdown.
  • Added a quick guide to the various Lucky Sign Variants.
  • Added two new 4x6 Index Card sized options in the Style/Format dropdown! Choose either lined or unlined.
  • Added a Plain style to the Style/Format dropdown for those looking to go black and white while also conserving ink!
  • Added a fun new Teens out of Time occupation list to the DCC Community section of the Occupation dropdown.
  • Added the 1d16+2 "Mad O'Murrish" option to the Dice Method dropdown.
  • Added funky new dice methods based on Terry Olson's article in this year's Goodman Games GenCon Program Guide!
  • Tourney Sheets! Select one of the tourney styles in the 'Style/Format' dropdown, and the generator will build a PDF with a single character suitable for tourney-style play.
  • Multiple Sheet PDF's! Create up to 50 characters in one PDF. Weary judges preparing for a convention can create a stack of sheets with a single click!
  • Added the ability for characters of a particular occupation list to begin with no starting funds. Code streamlining has made it much easier to add such small modifications. (As is adding additional occupation lists, so don't be afraid to submit one!
  • Create a blank PDF of any PDF style to fill in by hand.

*The older French version of the generator can be accessed using the extremely old version link. I'm contemplating working on a better method of providing alternate language support: if you're interested in doing a little translating for your language, let me know.

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