0-Level Party & Tourney Generator

Create dozens of characters in seconds! There are many options available, but for standard DCC 0-level characters, you don't need to change a thing: just click on the "Bring Out Your Dead" button.
>> Find out more about the various occupation lists
No Elves
No Dwarves
No Halflings
>> Find out more about the various dice rolling methods
(Comma-separated scores for up to first 4 characters: i.e.
10,11,9,12,8,13 for a single character or 24 scores for 4 characters)
>> Find out more about adding your own ability scores
>> Find out more about the various Lucky Sign options
(Explore the styles: plain text, index card, ink saver, JSON, and more!)
No starting funds
Don't determine extra languages
Blank PDF to fill in by hand?

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What's New/Change Log

*The older French version of the generator can be accessed using the extremely old version link. I'm contemplating working on a better method of providing alternate language support: if you're interested in doing a little translating for your language, let me know.

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